I love a certain type of flower. Can you make it for me out of sugar for our cake?

Of course we can! We love making sugar flowers, and they make for a great memento to keep of your wedding cake – they last forever!

Our banquet coordinator suggested that not all of our guests will want a slice of cake. How many servings should we order?

We typically suggest ordering enough servings for 60-70% of your guests, as not everyone will take a piece of cake. If you’re going with cupcakes or other goodies, you definitely want to have over 100%, as more people are inclined to grab a couple of cupcakes or one of each type of dessert.

Are your designs actually “fully customisable?” What does that mean?

Yes they are! Every cake we do is completely customised. We work with you through emails, consultations, and sketches to help create your vision for your cake and make sure it’s exactly what you want. You can view some of our past work in our Portfolio and take ideas from there, or start with your own ideas!

How far advance do you book for weddings and other large special events?

Weddings can be booked up to a year in advance! We usually recommend booking at least 4-6 months before weddings, as the wedding season typically books up very quickly and we can only take so many events each weekend. For custom cakes for special events, 2 months is always a good amount of time, although it you have a last minute request we will definitely try to make it work! For 1-tiered signature cakes, 2 weeks is the typical time requirement.

I just want a simple cake! How far in advance should I book my cake?

We typically require 2-3 weeks notice to book a simple signature cake. The earlier the better, but we will always try our best to accommodate last minute requests!

We love your cakes, but we don’t have a clue what we want for our wedding/special event cake. How should we prepare for our wedding consult?

Start by looking at ideas online – Pinterest and Instagram are some of our favourites – and save all the pictures that you really are drawn to. We can use this to see the styles that you like and help create your ideal wedding cake. We’ll get to know what shapes you like, what accents you’re drawn to, and colour palette ideas. we also have a lot of display cakes at the store, so you can get an idea of what it may actually look like on the big day.


1) Any changes to orders must be made at least 1 week before the date of the celebration, these will be accommodated if possible at any extra charge.

2) Whilst most of the flowers, figures and cake toppers are handmade in sugar paste THEY ARE NOT EDIBLE as they may contain wires and other non-edible materials. They must be removed from your cake before it is cut. You are responsible for ensuring that caterers/venues are aware of this fact.

3) A deposit of half the balance is due, depending on the price of the celebration cake, with the remaining balance due on collection. All deposits are non-refundable.

4) A 50% deposit is required when ordering a wedding cake, with the outstanding balance being due for payment no later than 4 weeks before the wedding date. All deposits are non-refundable.

5) If the final balance for your wedding cake is not received we will not proceed with the order.

6) If you have to cancel your order for any reason you will be liable to pay for any special order items, and for any work that has been started. In addition if a wedding cake is cancelled within 2 weeks of the wedding date the full outstanding balance will be payable.

7) All cakes may contain nuts/nut traces.

8) Whilst we will endeavour to match any design, or colour, all cakes are handmade therefore differences may occur.

9) Strawberry Cupcakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered. Once delivered/collected the cake is no longer our responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any interference with the completed cake once it has been collected/delivered.

10) For cake deliveries and pick ups, strawberry cupcakes requires a signed delivery note by the caterer or customer to say that the cake has arrived/been collected in perfect condition, with a photograph as proof and that they are 100% happy with the cake. Damages after this point are not Strawberry Cupcakes responsibility.

11) All cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage. Please take care displaying your cake at your event and avoid direct sunlight, spotlights or candles creating damage to the cake decorations. Strawberry Cupcakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damage during display at your event.

12) Payment must be received before or on the day of delivery or collection.

13) We accept cash and card payments. You can pay by card in our shop or over the telephone. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.